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General Surgery Courses

Grand Rounds Available for CME Credit

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Other Grand Rounds

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Resident Research Day Presentations - Session 2 Kara Vande Walle, MD, Christopher Zimmerman, MD, James Barrett, MD, Oksana Babchenko, MD, Natalie Bath, MD, Kevin Janek, MD, and Trista Stankowski-Drengler, MD 2019-05-29
Resident Research Day Presentations - Session 1 James Barrett, MD, Victoria Rendell, MD, Lucas Leonhard, MD, Martha Godfrey, MD, MEd, Aos Karim, MD, Elise DeRoo, MD, and Devon Livingston-Rosanoff, MD, PhD 2019-05-22
Beyond Cutting for Cure: A Surgeon's Role in the Provision of Palliative Care Christina Lee, MD 2019-05-15
Global Health: Delivered by Women & Led by Men Senait Fisseha, MD 2019-05-08
Mentorship in the Biomedical Sciences Andrew Rogers, MD 2019-05-01
Entrepreneurship: Getting Real About “Bench to Bedside” Geoffrey Gurtner, MD, FACS 2019-04-24
Teamwork and Communication in the Operating Room Lane Frasier 2019-04-17
Leading From The Middle Mike Mulholland, MD, PhD 2019-04-03
Night Float: Working on Mysteries Without Any Clues Chey Collura, MD, MA 2019-03-20
Tuberculosis, History and the Arts John Mitchell, John D Mitchell, MD 2019-03-13
Competency Based Education in Surgery Mary Klingensmith, MD 2019-02-27
Clear Eyes, Full Hearts, Can’t Lose Cultural Humility: Breaking Cultural Barriers to Provide Quality Health Care Tatiana Hoyos Gomez, MD 2019-02-20
Diverticulitis: What do we know in 2019? Jason Hall, MD, MPH 2019-02-13
Transitioning from measuring to improving the quality of surgical care Elise Lawson, MD, MSHS 2018-12-19
Geriatric Perioperative Management of Older Surgical Patients Alexis Eastman, MD and Elizabeth Chapman, MD 2018-12-12
Genomic Medicine: The Current State of Play Stephen Meyn, MD, PhD 2018-12-05
Rectal Cancer: Classic Hits Charles Friel, MD 2018-11-07
Student Mistreatment Ann O'Rourke, MD, MPH 2018-10-10
Surgical Psychology 101 Jacob Greenberg, MD, EdM 2018-09-26
Recognizing and Responding to Disruptive Events Robert Ebbe and Jan Haedt, Ms. 2018-09-19
We Are the System: From Personal Resilience to A Culture of Wellness Catherine Cheng, MD 2018-09-12
Guinness Stout, Statistics and Surgical Research B. Timothy Baxter, MD 2018-09-05
Prejudice and Pride: New Esteem Transforms Society’s Ultimate Attitude Seymour Schwartz, MD 2018-08-29
Contemporary Management of Melanoma of the Head and Neck Carol Bradford, MD 2018-05-30
Esophagectomy: Evolution of an Operation Clinton Morgan, MD, PhD 2018-05-23
Lung Transplantation: How did we get here and where are we going? Walker Julliard, MD 2018-04-25
Surgery Gerard Doherty, MD 2018-04-11
The History of Surgical Education in America: Past, Present, and Back to the Future Joseph Losee, MD 2018-04-04
Outside the lines: Applying sports performance theory to surgical education Anne-Lise D'Angelo, MD, MSEd 2018-03-21
The Opioid Epidemic: One Surgeon’s Perspective Rebecca Busch, MD 2018-03-14
Seeing Differently: The Physician Leader’s Edge Wiley William "Chip" Souba, Jr, MD, ScD, MBA, MS, DSc 2018-02-28
Organ Transplantation and Federal Immigration Reform Allan Kirk, MD, PhD 2018-02-21
From Mentoree to Mentor: Lessons Learned Along the Way Gilbert Upchurch, MD 2018-02-14
Mapping the Pathway to High Quality Cancer Care Ryan Schmocker, MD, MS 2018-02-07
Measuring what (also) matters: high quality end-of-life care for seriously Ill surgical patients Zara Cooper, MD, MSc, FACS 2018-01-24
Weight loss maintenance: The holy grail of weight loss intervention Corrine Voils, PhD 2017-12-20
Surgery and Wide Open Spaces Julie Conyers, MD, MBA, FACS 2017-12-13
The Inhumane Cost of Cancer Care Daniel Abbott, MD 2017-12-06
Two Surgeon Couples Eugene Foley, MD and Laurel Rice, MD 2017-11-29
Surgical Productivity:  Why documentation matters in a changing work environment Stephen Barnes, MD 2017-11-15
A Transplant Journey Spanning 50 Years and 2 Continents Munci Kalayoglu, MD 2017-11-08
What Happens in the Operating Room Does NOT stay in the Operating Room: Changing the way we train and assess surgeons Melissa Hogg, MD, MS 2017-11-01
New Thoughts on Hereditary Nonpolyposis Colorectal Cancer and Lynch Syndrome Matthew Kalady, MD 2017-10-18
Lymphedema Surgery: Past, Present, and Future Brett Michelotti, MD 2017-10-11
What we talk about when we talk about surgery Jonathan Kohler, MD 2017-09-27
Engendering Operative Autonomy in Surgical Trainees Nathaniel Soper, MD 2017-09-13
Cell therapies in academic health centers: How scientific inquiry informs first-in-human trials Jacques Galipeau, MD 2017-09-06
Pre-Emptive Learning: A Model for Surgical Training Success? David Farley, MD 2017-06-07
Taking your seat at the table: Surgical training, the American Board of Surgery, and you. Jo Buyske, MD 2017-05-24
The Nuts and Bolts of Quality Metrics Sarah Tevis, MD 2017-05-17
Hemorrhagic Shock and the Story of An Asphyxiant Gas Brian Zuckerbraun, MD 2017-05-10
Value, Uncertainty, and Clinical Decision Making Charles Acher, MD 2017-05-03
General Surgery Topics in Transplant Patients Felix Lee, MD 2017-04-26
Challenges to and in Rural Surgery: Creating a rural surgeon and maintaining performance Tyler Hughes, MD and Dorothy Hughes, MHSA 2017-04-12
There's an APP for that: Advanced Practice Providers (APP's) Dana Henkel, MD 2017-04-05
Well-being is a skill Richard Davidson, PhD 2017-03-29
Patterns and Pitfalls: Unmasking the Hidden Processes That Influence Our Decision Making Sara Holden, MD 2017-03-15
Addressing Behaviors That Undermine A Culture of Safety Gerald Hickson, MD 2017-03-08
The Thyroid Cancer Epidemic: To Treat or Over-treat? Susan Pitt, MD, MPHS 2017-03-01
The Science of Big Data and the Promise of Personalized Medicine Mary Hawn, MD, MPH 2017-02-22
Response to Injury and Stress: A Genomic Storm Ronald Maier, MD 2017-02-15
Aortic Endovascular Update: Stent Graft Limb Failure: Why is it still a problem? Ronald Fairman, MD 2017-02-01
The Wisconsin Head and Neck Cancer SPORE Grant. What is it? Paul Harari, MD 2017-01-25
The Making of a Surgeon: 10,000 Hours? Ronald Hirschl, MD 2017-01-11
UW Global Plastic Surgery: From Madison to Matagalpa Delora Mount, MD and Samuel Poore, MD, PhD 2016-12-21
Interhospital Transfers of Emergency General Surgery Patients: Opportunities for Investigation and Improvement Angela Ingraham, MD, MS 2016-12-07
Vaginal Reconstructive Surgery Christine Heisler, MD, MS 2016-11-16
Residency Redesign: Is it time? David Mercer, MD 2016-11-09
Does Resident Participation Impact Surgical Outcomes? John Scarborough, MD 2016-11-02
A Day in the Life: Angst and Despair... Resilience and Hope David Rothenberger, MD 2016-10-26
Medical Advances as a Result of War James P. Cole, DO, FACS 2016-10-05
Management of Post-surgical chronic pain Alaa Abd-Elsayed, MD, MPH 2016-09-28
Cell-based therapies for cancer James Economou, MD, PhD 2016-09-21
The Escalating Attack on Surgery: Defining Surgical Health Policy Advocacy Amy Liepert, MD 2016-09-14
I am Endoscopy, and so can you Amber Shada, MD 2016-09-07
General Surgery Training for Rural Practice Karen Deveney, MD 2016-06-08
A Review on "Living Donor Liver Transplantation" Oya Andacoglu, M.D. 2016-05-04
Patient-Centered Approaches To Improving Vascular Practice Philip Goodney, MD, MS 2016-04-20
Complex Abdominal Wall Repair: How to put Humpty together again Jocelyn Burke, MD 2016-04-13
Serendipity and Symbiosis in Evolution of Aortic Trauma Kenneth Mattox, MD 2016-03-30
Acute Care Surgery: What does that even mean? Anuoluwapo Elegbede, MD 2016-03-23
Roles of nitric oxide and the intestinal microbiota in the pathogenesis of Necrotizing Enterocolitis Henri Ford, MD, MHA, FACS 2016-03-16
Bariatric Surgery: Working Hard to Lose in 2016 Patrick Shabino, MD 2016-03-09
Neck dissection in contemporary management of head and neck cancer William Carroll, MD 2016-03-02
Truth and Truthiness in Surgery Jeff Matthews, MD 2016-02-24
Thoracic Aortic Aneurysms and Dissections: Insights into the Balance Between Aortic Wall Damage and Repair Scott LeMaire, MD 2016-02-10
Surrogate Decision Making Terrah Paul Olson, MD 2016-01-27
The Role of the Cardiac Surgeon in the Quality Movement: 2016 Richard Prager, MD 2016-01-13
IDE Trial for Fenestrated Thoracic Arch Stent Graft Dai Yamanouchi, MD, PhD 2015-12-16
The Surgeon in the 21st Century: Practice, Investigation, and Education in the Age of Genomics and Technology Yuman Fong, MD 2015-12-09
Surgical Education: Theoretical Perspectives and Innovations Sarah Sullivan, PhD 2015-12-02
Rethinking Necrosis in Vascular Disease Bo Liu, PhD 2015-11-18
Open and Hybrid Venous Reconstructions in the Endovascular Era Peter Gloviczki, MD 2015-11-11
Gene Therapy for Surgical Diseases Hans Sollinger, MD, PhD 2015-11-04
The Evolution of Human Flight: From Arm to Wing Samuel Poore, Dr. 2015-10-28
It's SIMPL: System for rating resident operative performance Laura Torbeck, PhD 2015-10-14
How mother's rare cells teach us both tolerance and immunity by decorating our dendritic cells with her exosomes Will Burlingham, PhD 2015-09-23
Human Papillomavirus and Head and Neck Cancer Aaron Wieland, MD 2015-09-16
Surgeons as Public Health Officers, are we there yet? Girma Tefera, MD 2015-09-09
Straight Outta Princeton...The Story of Big Daddy Josh Mezrich, MD 2015-09-02
Teaching Johnny How to Operate: Answering the Bell Gerald Fried, MD 2015-06-17
The Inflammatory Response: Friend or Foe to Liver Surgeons? Allan Tsung, MD 2015-05-13
Role of the HN Surgeon in the World of Health Care Reform Douglas Girod, MD 2015-05-06
Global Surgery: A 21st Century Challenge Laura Fischer, MD 2015-04-29
Surgical Decision-making: Bicuspid Aortopathy a Case in Point Thoralf Sundt, MD 2015-04-15
The Story of Abdominal Adhesions Christopher Janowak, MD 2015-04-01
Endovascular Care for Trauma Thomas Scalea, MD 2015-03-25
New Perspectives in the Treatment of Malignant Pleural Mesothelioma Valerie Rusch, MD 2015-03-11
In vivo somatic cell programming: a new frontier in intestinal failure Peter Nichol, MD,PhD 2015-03-04
Surgical Management of Hepatocellular Cancer: A View From Both Sides of the Table John Daly, MD 2015-02-25
Mentorship in Academic Surgery: UW Surgery's Data and the Next Generation Michael Bentz, MD, FAAP, FACS 2015-02-18
The Surgeon Personality Vanessa Nomellini, MD,PhD 2015-02-11
Anal Achalasia, MD Adam Brinkman, MD 2015-01-28
What to Do When the (Esopha)goose is Cooked: Current Strategies for Managing the Perforated Esophagus Ryan Macke, MD 2015-01-14
Interventional Oncology Orhan Ozkan, MD, FSIR 2015-01-07
Innovations in Chemotherapy and Surgery for Ductal Adenocarcinoma of the Pancreas: Progress or Rolling the Rock up the Mountain? Herbert Zeh, MD 2014-12-10
A Journey from Islet Transplantation to Complement Inhibition as a Donor Pretreatment Strategy Luis Fernandez, M.D. 2014-12-03
Cancer Vaccines: Past, Present and Future Alfred Chang, MD 2014-11-19
Academic Commitment, Process Improvement, and Leadership: Pillars of a Surgical Department Kevin Staveley-O'Carroll, MD, PhD 2014-11-12
Endoscopic skull base surgery the University of Wisconsin approach. Timothy McCulloch, MD 2014-11-05
The road to finding pancreatic cancer subtypes Jen Jen Yeh, MD 2014-10-15
Improving Patient Care Through the Acquisition of Evidence Shawn St. Peter, MD 2014-10-08
Academic Surgery: A Ptolemaic or Copernican World? Paul Kuo, MD, MS, MBA 2014-10-01
Rural General Surgery - Workforce, Training, and Practice Issues Thomas Cogbill, MD 2014-09-10
Evidence-Based Care and Personal Bias: Conflicting Processes Daniel Ostlie, MD 2014-09-03
Hybrid procedures in congenital heart surgery Emile Bacha, MD,FACS 2014-05-28
Leadership Styles and Quality Improvement Strategies in Surgery Justin Dimick, MD, MPH 2014-05-14
Surgical Palliation for Rectal Cancer Amy Suwanabol, MD 2014-05-07
Surgical Residency: Current Challenges and Potential Solutions Frank Lewis, MD 2014-04-23
The Evolution of Breast Cancer Surgery Barbara Dull, MD 2014-04-16
Of Math and Medicine: Advancing Transplant Surgery Through Novel Mathematical Approaches Dorry Segev, MD, PhD 2014-04-02
Error, Responsibility, and Moral Education in Surgical Training Ari Reichstein, MD 2014-03-26
Understanding GERD Thomas Demeester, MD 2014-03-12
Myths in Surgical Care: A Personal Perspective Anna Ledgerwood, MD 2014-02-26
Machine Learning in Health Services Research: Getting a Second Opinion From Your Computer David Schneider, MD, MS 2014-02-19
Advances in Pediatric Minimally Invasive Surgery Charles Leys, MD 2014-01-29
Preoperative Cardiac and Pulmonary Risk Assessment and Reduction Prateek Gupta, MD 2014-01-15
Minimally Invasive Approaches to Esophageal Resection. Kenneth Meredith, MD 2014-01-08
How to live a long sweet life or how does the surgeon find the sweet spot between work and play ?? Fact and Fiction. Zorba Paster, MD 2013-12-11
The Case for Bariatric Surgery: A Public Health Perspective Luke Funk, MD 2013-12-04
It's All About the Focus: Distractions to a surgical QI program Greg Kennedy, MD PhD 2013-11-27
Matters of the Heart: What Matters in Predicting Perioperative Cardiac Risk. Mary Hawn, MD 2013-11-20
Transcatheter Aortic Valve Replacement Takushi Kohmoto, MD and Amish Raval, MD 2013-11-13
Pancreatic Surgery as a Portal to the Future of Academic Surgery Kevin Behrns, MD 2013-11-06
Minnelide: a novel therapy for treating pancreatic cancer Ashok Saluja, PhD 2013-10-16
Hemorrhage: Can parts make a whole? Amy Liepert, MD 2013-10-02
New paradigms in cancer treatment: From bedside to bench and back again Nipun Merchant, MD 2013-09-18
Current Status of the treatment for the Patients with AAA and TAA in Japan Kimihiro Komori, MD, PhD, FACS 2013-09-11
Preventing Readmissions and A Novel Approach to Surgical Site Complications Travis Engelbert, MD 2013-09-04
Clinical and Personal Effectiveness Julie Freischlag, MD 2013-06-05
Unsafe, Effective, or Close Enough? Demystifying FDA Medical Device Regulation Richard Galgon, MD, MS 2013-05-29
Mentoring in the Clinical Years: From Fostering Interest to Ensuring a Successful Match Rebecca Sippel, MD 2013-05-22
Experimental and Clinical Craniofacial Transplantation Stephen Bartlett, MD 2013-05-15
Surviving Sepsis Campaign 2012: An Update Sara Buckman, MD 2013-05-01
The Best Offense is a Strong Defense Kenneth A. Kudsk, MD 2013-04-10
Laparoscopy and Emergency General Surgery: A Work in Progress Mark Jonker, MD 2013-04-03
Together Everyone Achieves More Andrew Russ, MD 2013-03-27
Training Surgeons for Future America Mark Malangoni, MD 2013-03-06
Reflections of a Starzl Student: A Progress Report Near the Three Decade Mark Ronald W. Busuttil, MD, PhD 2013-02-27
Surgical Care and Management of the Geriatric Patient Sarah Oltmann, MD 2013-02-20
Uncomplicated Diverticulitis: Truths, Myths, and Unanswered Questions Erin O'Connor, MD 2013-02-13
Harvey Cushing: The Artist Robert Udelsman 2013-01-30
Use of LEAN and Six Sigma Methodology to Improve OR Efficiency Much More than Just Improving Turnover Robert Cima, M.D. 2013-01-16
Surgical Quality: A Systems Based Approach Marie Thomas, MD 2013-01-09
Non-Bariatric Bariatric Surgery- Considerations for the Morbidly Obese Surgical Patient Michael Garren, MD 2012-12-19
Surgeons and Healthcare Business Knowledge Gap: Options for Improving your Business Skills Bruce Harms, MD, FACS, MBA 2012-12-12
New and Innovative Methods to Educate Surgeons in a Changing Environment Lenworth Jacobs, MD, MPH, FACS 2012-11-28
Advances in Diagnosis & Treatment of Hilar Cholangiocarcinoma Sharon Weber, MD 2012-11-14
UW Burn Center: Advancements and Innovations Lee Faucher, MD 2012-10-24
A Pancreatic Cancer Cure – What Will It Take? O. Joe Hines, MD 2012-10-17
Chest Wall Reconstruction: A Procedure Whose Time Has Come...Again? Suresh Agarwal, MD 2012-10-10
Choosing a Clinical Science Career Daniel Ostlie, MD 2012-09-26
Anatomy of Immunity (or Why Surgeons are so Important for Research) Jonathan Bromberg, MD, PhD 2012-09-19
Chemoprevention of Colon and Rectal Cancer and the Role of the Aryl Hydrocarbon Receptor Gregory Kennedy, MD, PhD 2012-09-12
Simulation-Based CME: A Maintenance of Quality Issue Carla Pugh, MD, PhD 2012-09-05
Top Ten Strategies for Success in Surgery Herb Chen, MD 2012-05-30
The Tolls of Trauma Timothy Billiar, MD 2012-05-23
From Good to Great: The History of the UW Department of Surgery Layton Rikkers, MD and Louis Bernhardt, MD 2012-05-16
Medical and Surgical Education to Fulfill Societal Needs Carlos Pellegrini, MD, FACS, FRCSI (Hon) 2012-05-02
Contemporary Management of Rectal Cancer Eugene Foley, MD 2012-04-25
30-Day Rehospitalizations and Transitional Care: A Policy and Practice Update Amy Kind, MD, PhD 2012-04-18
Ethical Issues in Surgical Innovation: Are we being honest with our patients? Peter Angelos, MD, PhD 2012-04-11
The Robotic Surgeon: A New Renaissance Era? Ancil Philip, MD 2012-04-04
Tweeting all Surgeons: Update your FB Status and Protect Your Reputation on the Wild Wild Net. Ahmed Afifi, MD 2012-03-28
Regulation of Anti-Tumor Immunity: Potential Roles for Innate Lymphocytes in Thyroid Cancer David Schneider, MD, MS 2012-03-14
WiTALK: Improving the Way We Communicate with the Seriously Ill Toby Campbell, MD, MSCI 2012-03-07
Addressing Language Barriers in the Context of Surgical Care Elizabeth Jacobs, MD, MAPP 2012-02-29
The Intestinal Anastomosis Aaron Chalmers, MD 2012-02-22
IPMNs of the Pancreas: a Surgical Epidemic Keith Lillimoe, MD 2012-02-08
Venous Thromboembolism Prophylaxis: Quality Improvement with a Systems Based Team Approach Saqib Zia, MD 2012-02-01
Gastric Carcinoma: Update and Indications for Minimally Invasive Resection Vivian Strong, MD, FACS 2012-01-25
Carcinoid Cancer: Current Strategies and Future Perspectives Scott Pinchot, MD 2012-01-18
Rethinking Cancer Immunotherapy Clifford Cho, MD 2012-01-04
Playing in the Field of Surgery: Mental Training Techniques and their Impact on Operative Performance Jaime Kapur, MD 2011-12-14
Major Lower Extremity Amputation: A Paradigm Shift Matthew Koopmann, MD 2011-12-07
Intravenous Local Anesthetics: A New Approach to Improving Surgical Outcomes Marcel Durieux, MD, PhD 2011-11-30
Using Video to Improve Performance in the OR Caprice Greenberg, MD, MPH 2011-11-23
Principles of Adult Learning in Surgical Training Jacob Greenberg, MD, EdM 2011-11-16
Impact of Apoptosis in Bone and Cartilage George Yang, MD, PhD 2011-11-09
Regionalization, Standardization and the New Generation Leigh Neumayer, MD 2011-11-02
Alcohol Withdrawal: When CIWA Isn't Enough MaryClare Sarff, MD 2011-10-12
Tetralogy of Fallot: Current Surgical Treatment Petros Anagnostopoulos, MD 2011-10-05
The Expanding Role of Adrenal Surgery Richard Hodin, MD 2011-09-21
Academic Surgery: The Scalpel and Pen (or everything you wanted to know about scientific writing, but were afraid to ask) John Hunter, MD 2011-09-14
Recent 10 Year Progress in Pancreas Transplantation Dixon Kaufman, MD, PhD 2011-09-07
Transplant Tolerance and Federal Immigration Reform Allan Kirk, MD, PhD 2011-05-25
Short Bowel Syndrome in Children: Surgical Options and Scientific Opportunities Brad W. Warner, MD, FACS 2011-05-18
Frequently Asked Questions about the American College of Surgeons National Quality Improvement Program David Greenblatt, MD, MSPH 2011-05-11
Haptic Perception & Intra-Operative Decision Making: Insurmountable Training Hurdles or Assessment Foibles? Carla Pugh, MD, PhD 2011-04-27
Overview of Barrett's Esophagus Nikiforos Ballain, MD 2011-04-20
Surgical Tourism Samual Oliver Poore, MD, PhD 2011-04-13
The Prisoner's Dilemma: Surgical Decision-making and Care of Incarcerated Patients Emily Durkin, MD 2011-04-06
Update on the Management of Biliary Calculous Disease Kaitlyn Kelly, MD 2011-03-30
Damage Control Resuscitation 2011 David Hoyt, MD, FACS 2011-03-23
The Best of Both Worlds Through Transplantation Susan Orloff, MD 2011-03-16
Data-driven Decision Support to Improve Breast Cancer Diagnosis and Outcomes Elizabeth Burnside, MD, MPH, MS 2011-03-09
Type B Aortic Dissection: Current Concept and Treatment Jean-Pierre Becquemin, MD 2011-03-02
Mechanisms of General Anesthesia: From Molecular Targets to CNS Suppression Robert Pearce, MD, PhD 2011-02-23
Why Do Students Avoid General Surgery and What Can We Do About It? Haggi Mazeh, MD 2011-02-16
Hirschsprung's Disease: The First 300 Years, The Last 20 Years, and The Road Ahead Ankush Gosain, MD, PhD 2011-02-09
Current Treatment of Chinese Gastric Cancer Patients Lin Chen, MD 2011-01-26
Vascular Disease in Women Catherine Wittgen 2011-01-19
Postoperative Pneumonia Ann P O'Rourke, MD, MPH 2011-01-05
Diagnosis and Treatment of Vascular Malformation Timothy King, MD, PhD 2010-12-22
The New Face of War Rosen Joseph, MD 2010-12-15
Zollinger-Ellison Syndrome: Historical and Clinical Considerations Christopher Ellison, MD 2010-12-01
The Time Out Before the Time Out Joshua Hermsen, MD 2010-11-24
Challenges in Minimally Invasive Pediatric Surgery Michael Tirabassi, MD 2010-11-17
GERD, NERD, LERD: A Minimally Invasive Surgeon's Perspective Jon Gould, MD 2010-11-10
Pancreatic Cancer: Treatment Sequencing for Localized Pancreatic Cancer Douglas Evans, MD 2010-11-03
Management of Complex Small Bowel Crohn's Disease Fabrizio Michelassi, MD 2010-10-27
Laparoscopic Liver Resection for Cancer: Worldwide Outcomes David Geller, MD 2010-10-20
Breast Cancer-On the Cutting Edge Lee Wilke, MD 2010-10-13
Strategies for Reducing Variation in Surgical Outcomes John Birkmeyer, MD 2010-09-29
The Emphasis on Quality on Rectal Cancer Surgery Charles Heise, MD 2010-09-22
Neuroblastoma: A Clinical Enigma Dai Chung, MD 2010-09-15
Surgical Advances in Wilms' Tumor Therapy: Past, Present, and Future Peter Mattei, MD 2010-09-08
Optimal Teaching in the Operating Room D. Rogers, MD 2010-04-28
What do the Nodes Know? Lymph Node Number and Prognosis in Colon Cancer E. Johnson, MD 2010-04-14
Living Donor Liver Transplantation at the University of Toronto D. Grant 2010-04-07
See One, Do One, Teach One?: Technological Innovation & Surgical Education 2010 and Beyond J. Bobadilla 2010-03-31
The Genomic Era: The Changing Roles of the Surgeon T. Eberlein 2010-03-17
It's Not Just the Shock: The AED in Resuscitation R. Page 2010-03-10
Abdominal Wall Hernias S. Musunuru 2010-03-03
Liver Transplantation from Donation after Cardiac Death Donors: Utility, Function and Future D. Foley 2010-01-27
Pheochromocytoma: New Horizons H. Chen 2009-10-07

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