Management of Dysphagia in Infants with Laryngomalacia - Disclosure

Course Description

This course reviewed the implications laryngomalacia diagnosis can have on pediatric swallowing function. Participants were provided evidence-based guidelines for clinicians identifying features of laryngomalacia and identifying how to best evaluate and treat these patients.


Participants will identify the hallmark features of laryngomalacia and indications for pursuing surgical management.
Participants will identify the impact of laryngomalacia on an infant’s suck-swallow-breathe coordination and airway protection.
Participants will identify feeding modifications that can assist with improved swallow safety and feeding coordination
Participants will identify subgroups which are at highest risk of pre and/or post operative dysphagia.

Method of Participation

The estimated time to complete this online activity and exam is 1 hour(s). To receive credit, a passing grade of 100% is required on a short online quiz. You will have opportunities to retake the quiz to achieve a passing score. After you have completed your exam and evaluation you will be able to automatically print your credit letter.


ASHA Approved Provider

This activity is offered for 0.10 ASHA CEUs
(Intermediate level, Professional area).


Marie de Stadler, MS, CCC-SLP

Jesse Hoffmeister, MS, CCC-SLP

Jessica Van Beek King, MD

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Amy Baillies, MS, CCC-SLP, BCS-S
Financial disclosures: Employment by UW Health
Non-financial disclosures: None

Marie de Stadler, MS, CCC-SLP
Financial disclosures: Employment by UW Health
Non-financial disclosures: None

Jesse Hoffmeister, MS, CCC-SLP
Financial disclosures: Employment by UWHealth
Non-financial disclosures: None

Jessica Van Beek King, MD
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Non-financial disclosures: None

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